Purgatory - A Wondrous Strange Tale:

Finding himself dead, and in Purgatory, Mr. Non discovers that there's no one to assess the life he's just passed from. In this Purgatory everyone has to weigh their own actions, then decide which Utopia or Dystopia is most appropriate for their next port of call. Unfortunately for Non he's lost his memory, which makes things a tad difficult. So, as he's clearly going to be around for some time, he takes on the post of curator to the Museum. All collectors and artists visit The Museum at Purgatory, it is the place where souls hang their works and analyze their worth. Non understands that some of these collectors are fundamentally more important to him than others, and little by little it becomes apparent that his catalogue of galleries holds the key to his amnesia. In the final portion of the book, Non's memory returns and he reveals to us his story and the consequences therein.

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